Location of Hodogaya Church

Map of Hodogaya Catholic Church


  • Location:
    ZIP: 240-0014
    Address : 8-41 Kasumidai Hodogaya, Yokohama, KANAGAWA Japan
    Phone: +81-45-331-2317
    Facsimile: +81-45-331-5545
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  • Parish Priest  Fr. Lee Byung Hun
    Succeeded the parish from Fr.Cairns in 2014, Fr. Lee actively leading Hodogaya using his fluent Japanese. (Fr. Lee is a native South Korean)
  • Schedule of Holy Communion (Mass)
    Japanese language only

    Saturdays PM 5:00

    Sundays   AM7:00, 10:00

    Tues.- Thu. AM 8:00 (Occasional)
    Fridays AM10:00
    Weekday's schedule may vary. See Weekly Bulltin for more details.