The Epiphany January 1, 2007(Year C)

Isaiah 60:1-6
Ephesians 3:2-6
Matthew 2:1-12

There are so often 2 layers in the Bible. The top layer or level is the ancient historical event. The lower layer is the present faith meaning for us today. Let us take today's Bible readings for the feast of the Epiphany (this word means:'God reveals Himself to us). The three wise men were non-Jews - this is the ancient event. But Jesus is available to all peoples. We have been given a star, as it were, to guide us to God - Jesus Himself.

I reflect on my own life. I have been gifted by God with the tremendous gift of meeting Jesus. He guides me on life's journey, he is beside me on that journey giving strength and encouragement. He shows me that God loves me and accepts me as I am - i.e. a frail human.

I thank God for His great gift. But he asks me to share that gift with others.

Let us open the treasure box of our hearts. In place of gold let us offer to others the valuable gift of thoughtfulness.

In place of frankincense let us offer to others the fragrant gift of gratitude and kindness.

In place of myrrh let us offer to others that beautiful, wonderful, aromatic gift of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Thank you God for showing us with your gift. We thank you.