January 14, 2007 2nd Sunday of Year C

Isaiah 62:1-5
John 2:1-11

Jesus performs only 7 miracles in St.John's Gospel, but he has a special word for them. He calls them 'signs.' He means that the miracle was an historical fact, but also that it points to a deeper meaning for us today.

Today we read of the wedding feast at Cana where Jesus changed water into wine. And we read:"This was the first of the signs given by Jesus."

There are 6 stone jars filled with water for ritual ablutions. That is, there was tasteless water for what had become an empty but very rigorously enforced religious ritual. But God seemed fearful, distant and communicating with Him was unjoyful, tasteless.

Jesus changed all that. God became near because He shared our human life, we can now approach him and talk to Him with JOY.

Tasteless water has been changed to rejoicing wine.

Jesus is God become human. We see our God at a young couple's wedding, eating, drinking, talking, laughing, having fun with all present. A new era has begun- the 'sign' shows this.

Jesus has come to bring us joy. He invites us to his feast, his table.

Even if we are experiencing pain, suffering or sadness we can still also experience this special joy. How? By being quiet before God in prayer and hear Him say: "Fear not! I am with you". We are never alone, we have companionship; we have support. That is the source of our joy. But to experience this joy, Jesus asks us to do 2 things.
(1) Communicate with God, with Jesus in prayer. He says:'Come to Me...'
(2) Share with each other in the fellowship of this faith and joy.
I pray that you who read this will taste that joy.