February 25, 2007  1st Sunday of Lent  Year C

Scripture: Deuteronomy 26:4-10
Romans 10:8-13
Luke 4;1-13

We are beginning the season of Lent in preparation for feast of the Resurrection. Lent is a time for spiritual stock-taking, i.e. Looking at the fundamentals of life. Today's readings guide us.

In the 1st reading we see an example of the Prayer of Remembrance. Using that as a model, recall your own ancestors, your grand-parents and parents. Recall the good times and the times of suffering in your life. Recall these events and people together with God. This puts a new light on them! We discover God and how He has always worked in our lives, "with a mighty hand and outstretched arm". The second reading (Paul) has the early Church's most basic Act of Faith, i.e. 'Jesus is my Lord.' Recalling that God always cares for me, is always at my side, I give everything into his hands. In the Gospel we see Jesus going into the desert where he went through 3 basic human temptations concerning the use of material goods, the use of power and the use of the spectacular. We need to go into the desert in spirit. It is here that we meet God because there are so few worldly noises, goods or comforts. We meet our own very inner self and realize how truly poor we are. In other words we come to realize we need God and His help.

On Ash Wednesday our foreheads are rubbed with ashes and the words are: Repent and believe the Good News. Repent in Japanese is written with characters than mean 'turn around'. The Good News is : God Loves us as we are. So let us take a new look at ourselves, turn around, making new start and really trust that God loves each one of us.

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