March 4, 2007  2nd Sunday of Lent  Year C

Scripture: Genesis 15:5-18
Psalm 27
Mark 9:28-36

The bible has 2 sections ? Old Testament and New Testament.

Testament is a word that means a 2-way promise (or covenant). So this promise is the dominant theme of the whole Bible. God Himself makes a solemn promise to humans, we make one to God.

In the Genesis reading today God makes a solemn promise to Abraham.

That was 3,500 years ago! But God makes a solemn promise to each of us now. God’s promise is: “You are my specially chosen child. I am with you always. I will always look after you”

As Christians we believe that God makes this promise formally and publicly through the Church at Baptism.

God’s promise is eternal and has no conditions. That means that if we forget God or even if we reject or deny Him, He will never forget us or stop caring for us. That is a wonderful promise?

Relying on God’s promise, with full trust in God caring for him, Abraham left his settled home in Haran and set off into the unknown desert not knowing where he was going. He only knew that God had promised to look after him. That was enough for Abraham. “I will trust you my God” was Abraham’s promise to God. Abraham is our model, or as the Bible puts if, “ Abraham is our father in faith.”

Say to yourself: “God Himself has made a promise to insignificant me.”

Think over, pray over those words. They can put new life, a fresh meaning into our daily lives. Trust God ? He always keeps His promise.

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