April 8, 2007 Easter Sunday Year C

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12

The Resurrection! I can look up a dictionary and find out what the word means - that satisfies my head but not my heart.

For me Jesus resurrection means that Jesus is alive and is beside me RIGHT NOW. It means that his words which I read in the Gospels are not of 2,000 years ago but are living words to me RIGHT NOW.

Jesus says to each one of us RIGHT NOW; "Fear not I am with you." "Come to me you who are tired and who carry heavy burdens, I will refresh you", "I will give you strength in your weakness", "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened." Those are just some of the words of Jesus which I find help me to walk the path of life.

And again - these are living words spoken today - all because Jesus is risen and lives amongst us. That is Resurrection for me.

I am much helped by two Japanese authors when it comes to the Resurrection. Endo Shusaku in his "Life of Jesus" uses about Jesus the Japanese word "do hansha" many times. It means that Jesus travels the path of life with each of us - he shares our sorrows, our joys, our disappointments. We are never alone. To me that is the Resurrection and the essence of what it means.

The other author is the Nobel prize winner Oe Kenzaburo. He says Japanese society is facing a grave crisis - it is a society without hope. We are so busy with material things we forget the needs of the heart. For me the resurrection of Jesus is the very foundation of my hope.

I pray you will experience the comfort and hope that having Jesus as a fellow journeyer with you brings to me. Happy Easter.

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