April 15, 2007  2nd Sunday of Easter   Year C

Scripture: John 20:19-31

The risen Jesus says to you today in the eternal present tense of the Scriptures: "Peace be with you."

Today is called Divine Mercy Sunday. We see just what God's mercy means when we see the concrete actions of mercy of Jesus. Let us look at one such act of acceptance and kindness.

Thomas was a twin. He was one of Jesus 12 Apostles, but when Jesus first appeared to the Apostles after His Resurrection Thomas was not with them. We can only imagine why he was not there! Thomas had such great hopes for himself and his country. But Jesus dying on the cross dashed those hopes. Did he want to escape from people in his disappointment? It is a common human reaction. When he came back to the group he stubbornly refused to believe the other Apostles that they had met the risen Jesus. "Unless I touch the wounds of Jesus I will not believe." He had doubts. Cardinal Newman says: "Faith without doubts dead." Most of us experience doubt, but these very doubts can cause us to think over what our faith is really all about.

Then faith becomes alive. Doubts can be good for faith-life.
Note well, that when Jesus appears again to all (with Thomas present), He does not scold Thomas. Jesus accepts Thomas as he is - doubts and all. THIS is divine mercy. Jesus is so kind, so accepting, so thoughtful, so compassionate. Jesus is mercy.

This week let us just sit quietly with the risen Jesus who is so close to us. (Do you doubt about it? - do not worry). Taste his understanding kindness. Give Him your hurts, your worries. He will be merciful to you as He was to Thomas. You will taste His peace. "The peace of Christ be with you"

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