April 22, 2007  3rd Sunday of Easter  Year C

Scripture: John 21: 1-19

In the Gospels we have a vivid pen-picture of Peter, the man whom Jesus chose to be the leader of his Church. Peter is painted with his strengths, but also his faults. He is consistently impulsive, frequently without thought, doing or saying the wrong thing! Peter 3 times denies ever knowing Jesus or being his follower.

In today’s Gospel, after the Resurrection Jesus meets Peter again. To balance the 3 denials Jesus asks Peter 3 times: “Peter, do you love me?” It is the parable of the Prodigal Son in action.

What does this scene tell us today? We are told some very important truths for daily life ? truths that will set us free.

  • God knows our every human frailty and still loves us. This unconditional love by our gentle God is one of the most consoling and encouraging truths of Jesus’ Way. Do I have the courage to accept acceptance?
  • This scene tells us that if we are truly sorry, God forgives sin absolutely, entirely ? it ceases to exist. So any unhealthy, nagging sense of guilt has no place in Christ’s Way ? just gratitude for forgiveness should remain.
  • In a living voice Jesus calls each one of us by name and says: “OOOO Do you love me?” Before we can even start to answer that vital question we must have the background of Jesus’ unconditional love for each of us. Only with that immense love as a basis can we answer Jesus’ question. “OOOO Do you love me?”

In quiet prayer let us ponder over the unconditional love that God- Jesus has for each of us and let us reply to His challenging question. Remember Jesus does not expect perfection, but He would like an answer!

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