May 13, 2007 6th Sunday of Easter Year C  1st Preparation talk for Confirmation

"Jesus! You are my Lord" Those few words were an expression of faith in the early Church. For us today they also have a deep meaning. They mean that we take Jesus into our daily lives and hand everything over to him as our Lord. But this very important act of giving our very selves into Jesus' hands means that we must get to know him and be able to trust him with something so important. To get to know Jesus in a deeper way, in order to meet him as a friend, we need to open the Scriptures and pray them. Here are some Scripture passages that I recommend in order to meet Jesus.

(1)Zachaeus was rich, but despite that he had a great emptiness in his heart. He forgot his dignity, climbed a tree, and he met Jesus who fulfilled all his yearnings. Jesus acts this way today for us (read Luke19:1-10).
(2)The widow of Naim lost her only son. Imagine her sorrow. Jesus saw her sorrow and felt with her. Jesus is the same today (Luke 7:11-17).
(3)Peter's faith got weak and he sunk in the waves. He cried out to Jesus, who accepted. Peter's frailty saved him. Likewise Jesus forgave Peter for the 3 serials. (read Matthew 14:22-33 + John 21).
(4) Jesus' Agony in Gethsemane Garden: Jesus was 100% God while being 100% human. As a human like us he suffered in heart and body. Shusaku Endo writes of Jesus as being one who walks life's path with us (Mark:14).
(5) Jesus calls each of us by name. He knows each of us well and accepts us as we are (John 20:11-18)
(6) Through the Scriptures Jesus says in a living voice: "Come to me all you are tired and carry heavy burdens. I will refresh you." (Matt.11:28) What a wonderful invitation! Let's respond.

A scripture passage that appeals to you is special, because the Holy Spirit is telling you something. Let us get to know Jesus through the Scriptures and pour out our hearts to him. Such out-pouring is Prayer.

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