June 3,2007 4th Preparation talk for Confirmation

Let us look at the Mass. Let us come to Mass with joy,rather than obligation.
The atmosphere of the society in which we live has as its priority material goods and success which involves competition which is so stressful. The Way of Jesus has an opposite priority -the heart- God. It is difficult and sometimes lonely to be a Christian in such a society, but it is so worthwhile. As encouragement our Sunday community Mass means a lot I feel. The first Mass was the Last Supper on the night before Jesus died for us. That first Mass was the family festival of the Passover, in which there were Scripture readings and hymns song. So today in our Mass we have ① the Liturgy of the Word, i.e.readings and psalms song from Scripture. The Vatican Council says:"We hear Christ's living voice, especially when the Scriptures are read in church." Jesus himself is speaking to us. Ponder what that means sometime it is consolation, sometimes challenge. Let us listen carefully and become sensitive to anything that makes an echo in our hearts. that is God talking!
Today in our Mass we have ② offering. At the Last Supper Jesus spoke of his offering of his life on the cross on the next day. On the Cross He said: 'Father into your hands I give my life.' Let us too have this same sense of offering. Give God your joys and your pains, your daily round of chores,your work, your study -in other words, your whole self. So with a sense of ① listening, and ② offering, our Mass can mean a lot to us and become a joy.
We listen and offer ourselves as a community, as the same children of the same Father. This sense of praying together as a family can give us courage, hope and joy in today's world with its emphasis on the material goods which can never really satisfy the heart.