June 10,2007 5th Preparation talk for Confirmation  Feast of the Body of Christ.

Food is vital for life, strength and health. Without food we get sick and finally die of starvation. Jesus has given us Holy Communion. He used the symbol of bread or food. The meaning is we get our spiritual strength, health and life from this holy meal.

At the Last Supper, and at each Mass, Jesus says over the bread:'This is my Body'. Here in Hebrew, the language Jesus used, 'body' means the person himself. In holy Communion under the appearance of bread Jesus himself is present and comes into our hearts when we receive Communion. Jesus becomes our strength and support for life's journey. For me personally receiving Jesus in Holy Communion has been the main strength that has kept me going through both tough and also joyous times in my life.

Jesus says:'Come to me, you are my friend. You labor and burdened, I will refresh you'. I see this as an invitation to talk to Jesus any time, but especially after receiving Holy Communion. Jesus wants us to talk to Him as a friend. That means, as we are, without embarrassment, without being so polite that He becomes distant. Opening our hearts before Jesus without decoration is an important aspect of prayer to Him.

We say 'Holy Communion'. Communion means union with Jesus Himself but also union with our fellow Christians. St.Paul says; we all receive the same bread, Jesus Christ, therefore we are united to each other through Him. But of course we are weak humans and have our prejudices. That is why at the first Holy Communion at the Last Supper Jesus washed his quarreling disciples' feet We too need foot-washing heart for Holy Communion.

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