July 1,2007 13th Sunday of Year C

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:16-21 (Call of Elisha)
Psalm 16
Luke 9:51-62

In Luke's Gospel, chapter 9, verse 51, right through to chapter 19 verse 28 is called 'The Journey Theme.' Jesus sets off on a journey to Jerusalem which Luke sees as a model of our journey in life.
A Christian receives a call from Jesus to walk life's path with Him. Note well : we never walk alone, always with Jesus who gives us strength and guidance. Today's Psalm says:"I keep the Lord ever in my sight; since He is at my right hand, I shall stand firm".
In the Gospel 3 people are called. Notice they have no names, because we are those 3.
The first person says: "Yes, Jesus I will follow you." Jesus warns him (and us ) that we, like Jesus will meet suffering and sometimes loneliness.
The second person says:" Yes Jesus I will follow you after my father dies." His father is healthy now so will probably die in 5, 10, 20, 30 years time! In other words, the called person is using his father as an excuse not to follow yet. Today we would say: "Sorry Jesus I am too busy to follow you!" or "I am full time at my work-place", i.e. delaying tactics!
The third person called also uses excuses not to follow. This person looks back at his former life and does not want to commit him/herself to Jesus. In other words, following Jesus means we have to trust our future into His hands. We have to trust Him when He says to us: "Fear not because I am with you."
Giving our lives into the hands of Jesus by following Him can put real meaning and taste into our daily lives. It can make us better parents, workers, friends etc. because "the Lord is at my right hand, therefore I shall stand firm" (Ps 16:8).

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