July 15,2007 15th Sunday of Year C

Before you read my word, please read again with new eyes the parable of Jesus called 'the Good Samaritan' Luke 10:25-37.

Four years ago I taught a course with the broad name:'Christianity' for health care workers. One question at the end of term examination was:'Put the Parable of the Good Samaritan into the context of today's Japan." Here is a translation of one answer, but what would your answer be? Then Jesus says to each of us: 'Go and do likewise!" Quite a challenge isn't it! The student wrote:

"At high school I wore thick glasses and tended to stutter when I got excited. As the Japanese proverb puts it:"The nail that stands out gets hammered: I was a victim of bullying. One day was especially bad. My mathematics teacher mocked me in front of my classmates by imitating my stutter. when I gave a wrong answer. At the lunch break, other students continued this harassment. I was very hurt. I felt as if I could commit suicide as I sat alone on a bench at the edge of the baseball field.

The teacher responsible for the overall care of our class ignored both me and the bullying. The elected student-leader looked across at me but pretended he was busy. I was desperately lonely and hurt.

Then an ethnic Korean class-mate whose family had been in Japan for three generations and was still discriminated against, came and quietly sat beside me.
For five minutes he just sat there, saying nothing. Then he spoke:"I know what it is like. Be brave. You have your values. You are a good person. Through this experience you will be able to feel with others"

My Korean class-mate not only healed me but I now see that he sawed the seed for my choosing this Course to help those who are on the edge of Japanese society; the elderly, battered children, those who are physically and /or intellectually handicapped."

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