September 23,2007 25th Sunday of Year C

The teaching of Jesus has a beautiful balance between consolation and challenge. Today Jesus presents a challenge! He says:"You are free to choose your path in life. Choose either God or money. You cannot serve both." So let us ask ourselves:"What is my priority in life? Goods? Work? Getting on? Pleasure? or is it God? If we choose to walk the path of Jesus here are some things I feel are essential.

#1 Acknowledge one's human fraility. I cannot manage my own life on just human strength - I need God's help. Each of us has a calling - e.g. as father, mother, student, employee, retired etc. To fulfil that calling I need God's help. Humbly acknowledge this.
#2 Daily prayer. Get up in the morning and ask God to help and guide you this day. During the day create a small quiet time, open your Bible and just ponder the words.
#3 Kindness to others. We have been gifted by God to share with others. According tour abilities do we care for the poor of this world in some way?
#4 If we experience suffering in our life do we unite ourselves to Jesus who suffered for us. He sufferes with us.

Puttinginto practice these four points can give our everyday life a new and delightful taste. Please try it.

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