October 7,2007 27th Sunday of Year C

Everything was going wrong for Habakuk in the 6th century BC. His country had been defeated and was occupied by the conquering army. He felt empty and deserted by God. Have you ever had that feeling? Habakuk pours out his heart to God just as it is, with no decoration of politeness. To God he cries out: "Why? why? why? Have you forgotten us God?" Here is a model for prayer when you feel desperate. It is not an insult to God - far from it. It is the prayer from an honest heart. That is the kind of prayer God wants from us.
Crying out to the Lord in desperation using strong language appears often in the Bible. Eg.Hanna, Jeremiah, Psalm 22 prayed by Jesus says: "My God! My God! why have you forsaken me?" This prayer comes from an empty heart but is on solid foundations because it is based on God unconditional love for each of us.
But at times we might even doubt that "unconditional love". At such a time let us use the prayer in today's Gospel: "O Lord, increase my faith"
When we experience what is called "the dark night of the soul" when God seems to be silent, let us cry out to the Lord in our emptiness and desperation.
The reply of God to Habakuk and to each of us today is: "The Lord answers: I do not deceive. If my help comes slowly, wait, because come it will, without fail."
Lord, you give each of us your unconditonal love. I beilieve this, but please, please, increase my trust in you.

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