October 21,2007 29th Sunday of Year C

Scripture: Exodus 17:8-13

Do you know someone who is sick or is suffering? Do you pray for them? Do you know someone with marriage problems? A child being bullied at school?
Unhappy children or grand children? Someone who seems to have abandoned Christ? Do you pray for them?

Praying, not for yourself, but for others is called "the prayer of intercession" . Moses in the 1st reading is an example. Then Jesus says: "Keep praying
without losing heart"

Here is another example of the prayer of intersession. On November 3, 354 in Algeria a son was born to Patricio and Monica. They called him Augustine. Monica
was a fervent Christian. The parents made great sacrifices to give their son a good education. Augustine entered University and showed himself as a scholar.
But his moral life was a great worry to his mother. Augustine gambled, had a son with his mistress, rejected his mother's Chrisitianity and joined a way-out
anti-Chrisitan group called the Manichees. All through this, his mother Monica, prayed for her son without losing heart. At 29 Augustine left Algeria and
went to Rome to advance himself. Because of lack of money he later moved north to Milan where he taught oratory at the university. His mother kept praying
for him. At that time in Milan, Bishop Ambrose was famous for his preaching. Augustine went to Mass to study Ambrose's oratory only. But gradually rather
than the style of sermon, he began to take notice of its content. He felt drawn again to Christ. On Easter Eve, 387, Augustine, with his son Adeodatus, was
baptized. Monica, his mother had been praying 20 years for that conversion. That is a model for us. Augustine later wrote:"O Lord God! You have made us for
Yourself and our hearts cannot find rest until they rest in You." Thanks to his mother's prayer we now call her son, Saint Augustine.

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