November 4,2007 31st Sunday of Year C

Scripture: Wisdom 11:23-12:2
Luke 19:1-10
Psalm 42

St Luke is an artist! With words he paints a vivid picture of the meeting between Jesus and Zacchaeus. This is not a scene of 2000 years ago. Jesus is alive now, and I am Zacchaeus!
Precisely because we are human, each of us has a yearning in our hearts for something better. We may suppress that yearning, but is there, and will often come to the surface when we are tired, stressed, suffering or hurt. Being "busy" is c way to suppress the yarning! ONLY GOD HIMSELF can satisfy that yearning in our hearts.
Zacchaeus was rich, but he had an emptiness - a yarning. He went to listen to a talk by Jesus, but couldn't even see him because he was so small in stature. He forgot his dignity and status and like a small boy climbed a tree to see Jesus. That took courage, but his yearning was deep. Jesus passed under the tree and looked at Zacchaeus (and each of us). "I would like to be your friend." That friendship brought peace to Zacchaeus and his family. This can happen to each of us. Are we ready to climb our tree?
Let us be quiet and feel that yearning. This in itself can be a prayer. (It is one of my favorite forms of prayer - I want to meet Jesus in a deeper friendship).
Yearning is the first step in praying. It is an important step.
Try it won't you? I like Psalm 42, a yearning Psalm, "As a deer gets thirsty for streams of water
I truly am thirsty for you, my God
In my heart, I am thirsty for you,, the living God.
When will I see your face?" (Ps42 CEV)

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