November 11,2007 32nd Sunday of Year C

Scripture; 2Thess 2:16-3:5

For 5 Sundays I have used the Scriptures to talk on prayer. But really more important than how we pray is the One to whom we pray God. If we imagine a strict God of laws and punishment our prayer will be rigid and cold. If we have just a vague image of “Someone-up-there”, our prayer will be vague and tasteless.
We meet the true God in Jesus. When we see the gentleness and sympathy of Jesus in his humanity, we see the heart of our true God.
Jesus makes a solemn promise to each of us: “I am with you, I will protect you.” He will never repeat, never break this promise even if we forget Him. In the reading from 2 Thess. Today: “The Lord is faithful. (i.e. He keeps His promise). He will give us strength and guard us from the eveil one” And Jesus says to each of us: “You are my friend.”
Sometimes prayer might seem to be talking into an empty bucket, but it is never so. Our God calls each of us by our name, and each of us is precious in His sight, and He loves us. (Isaiah 43).
God turns an always sensitive listening ear to our prayer. He asks us to always add:”Your will be done.” He will only give what is good for us. When I was young I prayed very fervently that I pass a special examination. I failed. I was very disillusioned with God for some time. My life had to take a different road. NOW I realize that the road I took was far better! Now I thank Him for that failure! God’s nature is gentle and loving, and He understands human frailty. In the Gospel we learn that our God lives NOW, he is a living God. In a voice that is alive today He says: “Come to me, you labor and are burdened and I will refresh you. I call you by name, you are my own. You are precious in my eyes and I love you.” God really does enjoy human company. Let us enjoy God’s in prayer.

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