November 25,2007 34th Sunday of Year C

Scripture: Colossians 1:12-20
Luke 23:35-43
“Jesus is the image of the unseen God”. This line is today’s scripture reading is so important for Christians. We cannot see he is God invisible. What is He like? What attitude does God take to us humans? Vital questions!
We believe that God Himself, the Son became human. Jesus is his name. Therefore when we humans see the human heart of Jesus, we see the true God. We also see God’s attitude to us humans. Let us look at a few examples, remembering that the scriptures have an eternal present tense. Jesus, God, has the same gentle attitude to us as He had to those 2,000 years ago.
In today’s Gospel, Jesus is suffering intensely on the cross. Despite his excruciating agony he turns in kindness to give encouraging words to the repentant thief. “This day you will be with me in Paradise”.
Jesus raised those same gentle eyes to Zachaeus in the tree branches.
“Let us have the enjoyment of a meal together” says Jesus. From an empty, meaningless life Jesus gave Zachaeus new hope and peace.
Jesus saw the tears of that desolate mother of Nain whose only son had died. Jesus felt with her and for her. He is so “compassionate”, in the original sense of the word ? He suffered with that mother + widow.
Jesus saw not only the outward sores of the lepers, but also their inward loneliness. He felt with them. That is compassion.
Jesus looked with compassion on Peter who had denied Jesus. Jesus understands human weakness. We could go on and on with examples!
This is our God. The same God lives today. We ourselves are the people who appear in the Gospels. This is our King and Lord.
“Jesus is the image of the unseen God.” For me that is a most consoling teaching, the foundation of my faith.