December 23,2007 4th Sunday Advent Year A

Scripture: Isaich 9:1-7
Matt. 1:18-24
Luke 2:1-14
Let us look at the real meaning of Christmas.
God Himself put aside the glory of Heaven and became a human being, just like us. God shows us concretely that He is with us.
God told Joseph and Mary that this child’s name is to be “Jesus”. So the very name tells us the meaning of Christmas and the reason why God became human. The name Jesus means “God saves”. Face yourself and ask these questions. Do I have a dark corner in my heart? If so, I need saving. Do I have a fear? A sickness? Someone I cannot forgive? A weakness? A bad inclination? A fraility? If so I need saving.
I need the Savior Jesus. He is one who saves. That is why God came to us as human on this earth. “Come to me”, He says.
The other name given by the prophets is Emmanuel. This means:”God is with us”. Since the time 2,000 years ago when God became human, in a very special way God is with us humans. God has experienced the frail human condition.
He walks the path of life with us. He understands our human fraility. He is with us in our daily work. He is close to us in our loneliness, suffering, fear and worry. He says in a living voice:”Fear not, because I am with you”.
Because our God Jesus has experienced the same human condition as ourselves He is so easy to approach in prayer.
Here is the message of Christmas.
Jesus saves us. (List where you need saving.)
Jesus is with us, beside us, walking life’s journey with us.
He says:”Fear not I am with you” (Ponder this).