January 20,2008 2nd Sunday of Year A

Scripture: Isaiah 49:3-6

I want to emphasise just one line from today's Isaiah reading. That is Isaiah 49:5.
Let us look at the first two words "My God." Who is he? What is God like? He is a gentle, caring, loving Father (Abba). He looks after me as His specially
loved child. Yes, each of us, without exception, can say those words. It is a truth that will set us free. God knows all my faults and still loves me. He
loves me, not in spite of my fraility, but because of it. God's love is unconditional.
Now let us look at the words "my strength" . Actually it is God who gives us strength. To receive this strength we need first to acknowledge that we
ourseves are weak. We just cannot manage walking life's journey on our own strength alone. Let us acknowledge humbly that we need strength. If we do not, we
ourselves set up a barrier of pride that stops God's strength reaching us. God delights in giving us His strengh. His strength gives us courage, and
This theme of 'My God Is My Strength' is frequent in both the Old and New Testament. The people of the Old Testament said they were weak, not strong enough
to do what God wanted.
Eg.Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel.
In the New Testament Jesus says:"I am with you". This means Jesus is beside us sharing His strength with us as we walk life's journey. Jesus says:"Apart from
me you can do nothing." To St.Paul, and to each of us Jesus says:"I am your strength in weakness"(2Cor.12)
This week let us frequently call to mind these words, and ponder them: