February 3,2008 4th Sunday of Year A

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12
In today's Gospel we have Jesus' sermon on the mount, and the 8
Beatitudes. They express the kind of attitude of heart we need to walk the
path of Jesus, which is our path of life.
Previously I have explained the deep meaning of being poor in its full
Biblical sense - that is, totally relying on God's help.
Today I choose on other Beatitude: 'God blesses those people whose hearts
are pure. They will see Him'(CEV). But what is a pure heart? The original
Greek word for 'pure' is 'KATHAROS' which means unmixed genuine, absolute.
For example as I write I have 2 Japanese paper weights on my desk. One is
iron, mixed with copper and silver plating, the other is pure iron. The
mixed metal one, although pretty, is not 'pure'. The plain iron one is pure.
So this beatitude is often not fully understood I feel, if we narrow it
solely to the sexual area. It is much, much wider. It is challenging and
encouraging. It means to have 100% of one's heart offered to God. It means
being like Jesus, and with Jesus not just when we pray, and not just on
Sundays, but every moment of our ordinary lives. It means being a Christian
on every week-day too. It means being kind and thoughtful, accepting and
forgiving others, doing our school-work, house-work, office-work as best we
can. It means being honest etc. In a word in means being 100% Christ-like,
i.e. a 'pure' heart, - a heart that is unmixed with such worldly values as
making money, getting on in life, being famous etc. To do this WE MUST PRAY.
We must be in touch with God -only He can make us pure (Katharos) through
and through. Then we will see God. We will realize He is with us at every
moment of our ordinary everyday lives.