February 17,2008 2nd Sunday Lent Year A

February 17, 2008 2nd Lent Year A

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-4

Matthew 17:1-9

The Japanese novelist, Shusaku Endo, has written a book called 'Who is God for me(Watashi ni totte KAMI toha)'. In the book he gives the story of his faith journey and why he still believes in God. He describes his faith in a gentle, understanding, compassionate God.

During Lent we look at the fundamentals of our faith. What could be more basic than for each of us to face ourselves and ask: “Who is God for me”. So I present the God I believe in.

I meet the unseen God through the humanity of Jesus. God became human in Jesus. When I read the Gospels and see how gentle and kind, how accepting of human weakness, how welcoming and warm is Jesus in his humanity, I can say: 'this is the heart of the true God' I, a human, can meet the true unseen God, through the human Jesus. He is 100% God and 100% human.

In today’s Gospel we see Jesus on the mountain in the glory and light of God. Peter, James and John are with him. Shortly those same 3 disciples will see Jesus in the Garden where he shows his humanity through the darkness of suffering.

Jesus leads us to Abba, God our Father. Jesus sends the strength of the Holy Spirit to sustain us.

Jesus as a true human being experienced human suffering and worry. His heart was hurt by the treachery of Judas. He even experienced desolation when he cried out: ”My God, why have you forsaken me?” This experience of real humanity makes God so easy to approach. We can feel he is close to us because he has gone through it all. The words of Jesus have indeed a very deep meaning. He says to each of us: “Fear not, I am with you.” THAT is my god.