April 6,2008 3rd Easter Year A

Scripture Psalm 16:8-11
Luke 24:13-35
Today's Gospel is important for our daily lives. We journey on the road of life. (The Gospel pair journey to Emmaus). This
gospel is full of symbolism that can really effect our daily life. Jesus travels the road of life with us. (or in the words of
Psalm 16, He is right beside me). Do I recognize Him? Do I pour out all my worries and hurts to Him? Do I bring my true self
to Jesus when I talk to Him in prayer? That is what He wants. Jesus does not want to meet a false self-one that I think I
should be. He wants me as I am. If I am sad or hurt He wants to meet me that way. If I am happy, or have had even a little
success in something, He wants to share that too.
Jesus never pushes himself on us. He waits for our invitation "Come and stay with us" said the Emmaus pair. We too can make
the same invitation.
Through a vivid story about the Risen Jesus, the Gospel is telling us what prayer is really all about, and even how to pray.
We need to give Jesus time in prayer. We need to make a short quiet time in our busy lives to talk things over with Jesus.
(i.e.really mean the invitation!) If we do this, we will find that our daily lives will somehow go along better. Why? Because
we come to realize that we do not walk life's journey alone, but rather together with Jesus. He becomes our strength and
In a prayerful atmosphere let us open the Scriptures and read a passage very slowly. The Risen Jesus still explains the
Scriptures to us, giving us their deeper meaning.
We do not walk the path of life alone. Jesus in a living voice today says: "Fear not! I am with you."