April 20,2008 5th Easter Year A

Scripture: Peter's 1st letter 2:4-9
John 14:1-12

Jesus says: "I am the truth" or "I am the teaching".
I ask : do we put too much emphasis on the teaching of Jesus, rather that on the very person of Jesus himself? Please note well, the teaching and laws of Jesus are important, but can become only head knowledge or outward observance unless we have met and accepted Jesus as a Person into our lives and hearts.
That is the very essence of Christianity: accepting Jesus into our hearts and everyday lives. He becomes our true support for everyday living (or in words used by Peter: the keystone or cornerstone of our lives). The early Christians expressed this as: "I accept Jesus as Lord of my life."
To meet this Jesus we need to open the Gospels, and PRAY THE SCRIPTURES. In today's Gospel Jesus is talking to his disciples. He has just washed their feet, foretold his own death, and foretold the betrayals of both Peter and Judas. The disciples are really down-heart, sad and frightened. Jesus knows this. He is so thoughtful. He gives them encouragement. "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Yes, I will die, but through my resurrection I will return and walk the path of life together with you so that you can arrive safely at life's destination Heaven. I have already prepared your place there". Jesus says those words to us today in a living voice. Let us taste these words, and their encouragement.
"I myself am the truth" means that in order to be authentic Christians we need to meet the Person, Jesus Himself. We do this by reading about the gentle Jesus in the Gospels, and then approaching him just as we are in prayer, i.e.talking to him and enjoying his company. Let's try it this week!