June 1, 2008 9th Sunday of Year A

Scripture: Psalm 31
Matthew 7:24-27

The keyword in today's scripture readings is "rock". Jesus uses a vivid story, that still applies to buildings today. For example, today's Tokyo is built on an old marsh. When erecting a building it is important to go deep to build solid foundations. Down to bed-rock is best. If the foundation is weak the building will fall down in an earthquake or flood.

We humans need a solid foundation (or a rock-like base) on which to build our everyday lives.

Jesus tells us that his words are such a solid foundation. Jesus' words (or teaching) is summarized in :'GOD IS LOVE'. Each of us can say: God, my gentle Father, loves me. That love is unconditional, i.e. He loves me just as I am.

It is especially important to recall this wonderful truth when the storms and floods and earthquakes of life hit us. When suffering, loneliness, sadness betrayal etc hits you cling on to this solid base for life: 'God loves me'.

Read all of Psalm 31. The one who composed this Psalm was really hurting! He cries out to God his Rock. In vivid detail he lists those hurts, and puts them before God as a prayer. And in v.15 he says:"I put my life in your hands, O my God"

God is love. Abba, my gentle Father God, you love me and care for me personally. Let me make this the immovable, solid rock-foundation of my whole life.

'God is love.' This is the truth that sets us free. It gives a taste to everyday life. It gives joy and zest. Try it!

Slowly pray Psalm 31.