July 6, 2008 14th Sunday Year A

Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30s
Today in a living voice Jesus says through the Gospel: "Come to me, you who are tired and who are carrying heavy burdens - I will give you rest." Here is an invitation to prayer. It is an invitation from Jesus Himself.
What is "prayer"? Put simply it is a conversation between good friends. Jesus says:"You are my friend."
St Augustine describes a friend such as Jesus is, as: "Someone who knows everything about me and still accepts me as I am! Jesus uses the word "friend" knowing how scripture describes a friend. Here is Scripture: Sirach (Ecclesiastics)6:14,
"A faithful friend is a sure shelter whoever finds one has found a rare treasure.
A faithful friend is something beyond price, we cannot measure friendship's worth.
A faithful friend is a life-giving medicine. Those who rever God will find such a friend"
Bishop Ken Untener (RIP2004) of Saginaw, Michigan wrote what he called "Little Books" (white, blue, black) with a short scripture passage and asked the users of the book to spend 6 minutes talking to Jesus about it. ("Talking" in prayer means sometimes using one's own words to Jesus as a friend, but also sometimes in quiet just enjoying each other's company). Let us try 6 quiet minutes.
In this busy world we all get tired, we all have some kind of heavy heart-luggage - let us go to Jesus as we are. It is his invitation. He promises "rest", "peace". We also all have heavy yokes to carry. Never let us forget that it a double yoke - myself and Jesus together. Then it becomes light and easy to carry.