July 20,2008 16th Sunday Year A

Scripture: Wisdom 12:13-19
Psalm 86
Matt 13:24-30
The theme of these 3 readings is: God is so patient with each of us; He is not a punishing God, but rather full of gentleness and understanding of our human fraility.

In the Gospel Jesus uses a parable to tell us a vital message. There are all sorts of people in our society and in our church. God is patient with all and especially with me, therefore I am called to be patient with others.
In Japanese, we use the word for wheat and the weed is called poison-wheat (in English:'darnel', or'tare', or just 'weed').

Do not immediately pull the weed out, but wait! Do not judge a person to be poison - wait. God waits, let us do the same. God is so patient with me, let me be the same.

Also in our society and church there are all sorts of people. These have different personalities, (i.e. different from mine); there are different education levels, in political thinking there are left-wing, right-wing and middle, different nationalities, and all with some (but different) weaknesses.
God accepts each one as he/she is - let us do the same.
If you are finding it difficult to accept someone, here is a way of facing the problem.
(1) in a concrete way make a list of your weak points, your mannerisms, your failures, your sins
(2) realize in prayer that God accepts you totally as you are
(3) tell God that you are finding 'ooo' hard to get on with,
(4) ask God to give you strength to accept "so + so",
Remember Mother Teresa's words: "Peace begins with a smile".
Oe Kensaburo, in a recent interview, said we in Japan need 'tolerance(寛容)'.