July 27, 2008 17th Sunday Year A

Scripture: 1Kings3:7-12
Psalm 119

If Jesus appeared to you and said:"Ask for anything you want. I will give it to you."(as God said to Solomon), how would you answer Him? In prayer I imagined Jesus' question. Here is what happened. At first I asked for health, but then something from my deeper heart rose to the surface. There are more important things than health, so I asked to get to know and trust God more. (The Holy Spirit was definitely at work, otherwise I would have stayed on the more immediate level!)

To me that question that God asked King Solomon is repeated today to each of us personally. It is a question which challenges what I regard as most important in my life.

God's gift of letting each of us know how much he really loves each one of us is truly a wonderful treasure. It is a "pearl" of great worth. Am I prepared to put all my goods aside for it?

Only God can satisfy our heart's deepest desires. Material goods do not satisfy us for very long! We always want more-and more- and more!

"O Good, you have made us for yourself and our hearts cannot find rest until they rest in You." (St.Augustine)