September 21, 2008 25th Sunday Year A

In our parish liturgy today we celebrated "Respect for Aged" day. Here is Fr.Hermann Heuver'SJ , Prayer in Old Age.
The full text of Fr.Hermann Heuvers' prayer-reflection.

What is life's most important task?
To grow old with a cheerful heart,
To be still, even when I would like to be active,
To be silent, when I would like to talk,
To have hope even in times of frustration,
To carry my cross in humility and serenity of heart.
To put aside envy even when I see younger people walking God's path full of health and energy,
To humbly accept help from others when it is me who would rather give help,
So when I can no longer be useful for others because of fraility,
I need to gently and humbly accept the heavy burden of old age as a gift from God.
I have a heart that has been in use a long time
and now God is giving it a final polishing so that I can return to my true home all bright and shiny.
To gradually release myself from the chains that bind me to this world is indeed a wonderful work.
When I can no longer Do things let me accept this restriction with humility.
However, for my closing years God has kept for me the most important work of all, and that is.....
Even if I can no longer do anything else with my hands
right to the very end I can still join those hands in prayer.
I can pray asking God to bless all those I love.
As I approach my death may I hear God's voice when He says;

By Fr.Hermann Heuvers S.J.
From "Autumn of Life"(1973)
(Translation: Fr.Barry Cairns)

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