September 28, 2008 26th Sunday Year A

Scripture: Ez 18:25-28
Phil 2:1-11
Mt 21 28-32

In Japanese we often sing a hymn with these words (#390), "Think like Christ, Speak like Christ, Act like Christ, Love like Christ". This hymn summarizes today's second reading. At the Last Supper Jesus said: "I have given you an example that you may copy what I have done".(Jn.13:15) St Peter in his letter "Christ has left us an example that we may follow in his steps."(1Peter 2:21)
What does it mean to us today "to think like Christ."? The constant theme of Jesus' thinking is summed up in Psalm 31 that He prayed all his life even to his last breath: "Father, I give my whole self into your hands" It is a prayer of trust for us too.
"To speak like Christ." Through his words Jesus gave peace, courage, encouragement and forgiveness.  He talked to Zachaeus and gave to him a meaning in life.  Are we instruments of peace to others through our words?  Do we say "thank you" to others and really mean it?
"To act like Christ." When Jesus was taken prisoner in the Garden of Gethsemane he acted in a most unselfish, thoughtful way. He said to the soldiers: "You have me, let these others go free." For 3 years Jesus walked through Palestine with Peter. Many times Peter was extremely impulsive, and at times thought only of his own gain.
Jesus was so patient with him. Peter sunk in the waves through weak faith; he denied 3 times that he even knew Jesus. But Jesus always accepted Peter as he was. Do we accept people as they are?
"To love like Christ." Jesus gave up his life for us, his friends. Do we give up our lives in a little way for others? Do we give time to others? Do
we really listen? Do we give up our own convenience for others?
To think, speak, act, love like Christ we must get to know him well by reading and praying the Gospels, by talking to him as a friend in prayer, and by being united to him in Holy Communion.

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