Oct 5, 2008 27th Sunday Year A

Scripture: Isaich 5:1-7
Philippians 4:6-9
In Japan we have a hymn, the title taken from Psalm 139:18:
"God's care is without limit, and we live in that care all our lives"(#53).
Today's challenge is: Do we realize just how much God does for us, and do we appreciate his care and thank Him for it?
In Sunday's 1st reading and Gospel also we have a parable.
The owner makes a vineyard. It takes a lot of work. He ploughs it, fertilizes it, clears it of stones, erects a watch-tower to guard it, and makes a wine-press. Then leases it to tenants. The tenants take everything for granted, no gratitude at all. In fact they come to think they own the whole vineyard and run it for themselves!
God our creator has gone to considerable effort to build a beautiful 'vineyard' in our hearts. He has gifted us with life, family, friends. He has given to each some special talents. All during our life he guards us but still gives us a great freedom.
Do we appreciate all that God has done, and is doing for us? Do we thank him? Or do we only produces sour grapes?
Here is one way of praying: Quiten your heart, then ask for God's help. From your youngest years call to mind some of the good things that have happened to you - in your family, at school etc. Go thorough your youth, your adulthood just gently calling to mind the good things. Thank God for each of these experiences. Some will be at times just a tiny event, but made an influence on you. Some will be 'ordinary' events, some religious.
In this type of prayer, called 'The Prayer of Remembrance', only recall the good things. Then thank God for them. After gratitude, then we ask for blessings.(St Paul: today's reading).
Indeed "God's care is without limit, and we live in that care all our lives."Scripture: Ez 18:25-28

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