November 23, 2008 Christ the king (Year A)

Scripture: Ezekiel 34:11-17
Psalm 23
Matthew 25:31-46
Jesus has an important lesson for us in today's Gospel. He tells us that after we die God will have a review of our lives.  He will ask us these questionsg: "When you were on earth did you give me food when I was hungry? Water when I was thirsty? A welcome when I was a traveler? When I was sick and in prison did you visit me?" We might say: "God! When did me meet you yourself?"  He answers: "When you did something good for those suffering people you really did it to me myself." What a great challenge for us now!
In Japan, who are hungry? Beside the homeless, there is a great hunger in hearts. Jesus might ask us:"Did you give a warm smile to people, say "well done" or "thank you"? Such kindness feeds lonely hearts."
In Japan, we have a lot of water, but a massive number of thirsty hearts. They are the lonely and sad people. Do we give them the water of a warm welcome, a bright greeting, an encouraging visit or telephone call?
In Japan 'the traveler' of the Gospel could be the migrant worker or those who have just moved into our neighborhood, or those men on work away from home. Do we give such a warm welcome or, just pretend they are not there?
In Japan, beside the sick in hospital there are those afflicted with stress, depression, addiction and worries. Jesus will ask us: "Did you give kindness and support to those people?"
In Japan there are people actually in prisons with high walls and bars on the windows but also prisoners of the heart, people confined to bed, people who shut themselves away and don't come out of their house; and there are the bullied. Do we give support? If we do, there is an eternal reward in Heaven.
"The greatest sickness today is not leprosy or cancer or TB. It is loneliness . The greatest evil today is our indifference and coldness towards these lonely ones"  Mother Teresa.

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